Powering Prosperity

Founded in 1998, Texas Capital Bank was experiencing business growth, expanding to new markets, adding new offerings and welcoming new employees into its entrepreneurial culture. The bank wanted to continue this momentum, while also engaging its 2,000+ employees around a singular rallying cry and a unified understanding of the bank’s core values.

  • Purpose and Values

  • Leadership Facilitation

Moment of Clarity

Texas Capital Bank offers midsize businesses a portfolio of financial products driven by the entrepreneurial ethos of “Texas Capitalism.” Efforts to clearly capture this ethos for both new and existing employees were mired in internal vernacular and debates around accurately describing products and services. AvreaFoster saw an opportunity to unite these different viewpoints and focus on the bank’s impact on its clients and the community.


Years exponential growth




Total Employees


After a series of Discovery and ideation sessions, we developed a new Purpose Statement — Powering prosperity in business and in life — and accompanying Values that aligned the bank’s heritage and vision. Together, the Purpose and Values became a behavioral compass, inspiring teams to work together toward a common goal. The Purpose was also translated into marketing strategies that reflect the bank’s ability to accelerate success for its clients.


The bank continues to evolve and grow, successfully onboarding employees across offices and continuously improving its offering to new and existing clients. Internal process improvements, recruiting and employee communications, as well as marketing strategies are more united around the bank’s new singular focus.