The Outlook for Energy

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What factors are driving the world’s energy needs? ExxonMobil has the answers. Every year, they partner with AvreaFoster to develop the Outlook for Energy, an in-depth report that forecasts global energy demand through 2040.

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moment of clarity

Over the years, the Outlook was limited to a single 50-page book. AvreaFoster used the report as a platform for storytelling. Rather than tell one story about global energy demand, we decided to think bigger and created a communication strategy, allowing us to tell dozens of storiesin myriad ways. With that simple idea in mind, a robust multiyear content strategy was born.


ExxonMobil realized the opportunity to showcase the company's industry expertise in a forward-looking, fully integrated communications approach that more expertly engaged audiences.”

Andrew Skola | Vice President of Strategy, AvreaFoster
People absorb information differently. Rather than limit the Outlook for Energy to a printed piece, we created cross-channel deliverables. A 90-second video on YouTube. Animated GIFs on Facebook. PowerPoint presentations for webinars. Each piece drove audiences to a dedicated landing page where they could learn more about the ExxonMobil energy forecast.
Today, the Outlook for Energy is the cornerstone of a multi-touch campaign that integrates traditional, digital and social tactics. Each year, ExxonMobil adds new channels to the mix and reaches new audiences in the process. The 2016 Outlook video alone has been viewed nearly 50,000 times, connecting with a previously untapped online viewership.
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