Articulating a Worthy Mission

AvreaFoster worked to ensure that Texas Presbyterian Foundation’s purpose of enabling and expanding mission was clearly communicated in order to sustain relevance and build relationships in a changing philanthropic market.

As a nonprofit, faith-based investment firm, Texas Presbyterian Foundation (TPF) works with qualified 501(c)(3) organizations to ensure their investments make a lasting impact, as well as with charitable-minded individuals to assist with legacy planning. Over the years, TPF’s focus has expanded to clients in both secular and non-secular categories with locations beyond the organization’s original Texas roots. The more TPF grows, the lower their shared costs to clients, thus providing more dollars for mission. In order to help TPF address the constantly changing landscape of their business, AvreaFoster consulted with TPF to develop a new brand and positioning that would untangle the challenges of serving numerous audiences. Through a refined message, new logo, video assets that tell the TPF story, and digital assets including a more modern web presence, AvreaFoster helped create a new vision for TPF that will support the continued growth and effectiveness of this philanthropic organization.


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